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Mar 04,  · iostat displays statistics for all devices, zpool iostat will only give statistics for devices in a zpool. When you have cache and log devices and mirrors and stuff configured, iostat may not be.

zpool iostat show actual usage, not capability. If you have a system that is under heavy load 8h/d and idle for the other 16h, over time iostat will move to 1/3 of your actual under-load load.

If you have a system that is under heavy load 8h/d and idle for the other 16h, over time iostat will move to.

Documentation Home > Solaris ZFS Administration Guide > Chapter 11 ZFS Troubleshooting and Pool Recovery > Identifying Problems in ZFS > Reviewing zpool status Output Solaris ZFS Administration Guide Previous: Determining if Problems Exist in a ZFS Storage Pool.

We are the newest Prison Pen Pal Website. The easiest to navigate. For example, zpool iostat 2 3 would print a summary every two seconds for three iterations, for a total of six seconds.

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If there is only a single pool, then the statistics are displayed on consecutive lines. Hey folks, I have a server in production that is running ZFS on Solaris this is an NFS head and the actual zpools are on a SAN.

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Zpool iostat write a prisoner
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