Write a pet anthology

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How to Write About Your Pets

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George R. R. Martin

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Essay in an anthology portable

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Pets In Space Anthology

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Writing About Poetry

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This is where it starts to get stuck. From the Indie Side is an fascinating milestone for the independent publishing movement. Why do I say that?

Because if you want proof that Indie authors can write concise, beautifully turned out prose, then look no further than this collection of stories. Marlene Cullen shares the how to's and the rich results that can come from the free write format: relaxing into the richness of memory and imagination, then planting a seed of an idea in the form of a prompt— a word, a poem an object— just enough to trigger a story idea.

Perhaps you'd like to write about a dinosaur or mythical creature, or create your own make-believe pet to write a about. On a more serious note, you could write about endangered species, conservation of wildlife or from an animal's point of view. Oct 23,  · Each book in the series is a collection of inspirational stories targeted for various markets such as pet lovers, cancer patients, nurses, new moms, runners, gardeners, the list is exhaustive.

Why Would an Author Ever Pay or Write for Free to Be in an Anthology Book? For authors, paying to be part of an anthology work can be a wise Reviews: Oct 23,  · An anthology book is a collection of short fiction, poetry or nonfiction works (or excerpts) by a variety of authors.

Typically the book is organized around a Reviews: Elizabeth Doyle, staff writer for Best Friends, gives specific and detailed advice and tips for writing winning pet profiles of your adoptable pets.

Write a pet anthology
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