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Senior Thesis & Senior Essay

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Home > Theses and Dissertations > Honors Theses. Honors Theses - All. Follow. Submissions from PDF. Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Detection Via Optical Variability, Ryan Adler-Levine. PDF. Honors Thesis Policy.

Digital Commons. Home |. Wesleyan Home → College of the Environment → Senior Thesis in Environmental Studies. Senior Thesis in Environmental Studies. Environmental Studies majors are required to complete a capstone project in their senior year.

Wesleyan Home → Science in Society Program → For Majors → Honors Thesis. you will need to secure the agreement of a thesis adviser if you have not already done so, and submit a Thesis Tutorial Request through the online add/drop system for approval by your thesis adviser, major adviser, and Program Chair.

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Senior Thesis in Environmental Studies

Please include a url, course title, faculty name or other page reference in your email? Please include a url, course title, faculty name or other page reference in your email?

The traditional route for an honors candidate is the two-semester senior honors thesis tutorial sequence (ECON and ECON), in which the student begins thesis research with a faculty advisor in the fall, continues in the spring term, and completes the thesis by.

While the Senior Thesis is a two-semester project, the Senior Essay is a substantial one-semester research project undertaken in the context of an individual tutorial.

It may be completed in either the fall or the spring semester of the senior year.

Thesis tutorial wesleyan
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