Space exploration or poverty

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How space exploration and electric cars will help us end energy poverty

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Space exploration

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2. Space Exploration requires innovation and technological advancement which improves the national economy directly and for the long term. That means tackling space exploration AND fighting poverty, but not driving fancy Jaguars.

Daren, UK There is more than enough money in this world to deal with poverty as well as space exploration. Priyamvada Gopal: Critics say India has too much poverty for such an endeavour. But space exploration should not be the preserve of the rich west. Space Exploration vs. Poverty People in poverty drinking contaminated water A family living in a third world contry 25 people die at the hands of poverty every day Not all spaceships make it into outer space Costs about $ to send a spaceship into outerspace About half the wold lives.

Why is India not focused on eradicating poverty and instead spends money on space research and defence expansion?

Which countries spend the most on space exploration?

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India’s Mars mission could be a giant leap

Space exploration can address many problems like getting mineral ores to find a habitable location which can solve the problem of population burden. Also since India can manufacture space. Spending on space exploration is not justified when a fraction of that cost could help to eliminate poverty on earth The sky and the world beyond has always fascinated humans/5(1).

Pros and Cons of Space Exploration Space exploration or poverty
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