Sin boldly writing a resume

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Sit, Walk, Stand

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10 Deadly Sins of Resume Writing

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Resume text version

The Baptist historian William R. Estep extols some high praise regarding Balthasar Hubmaier’s intellectual contribution to Anabaptism, boldly claiming, “He was the Simon Peter of the early Anabaptist disciples.”.

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If one wiped the papyrus with a damp cloth, all traces of writing would come off. In the same way, Peter was saying, when we repent and turn to God, the record of our sin is wiped so clean by the blood of Jesus Christ so that if anyone looks, he will find nothing.

would open her Bible and read.

The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

Then she would resume her work, singing and. She outright denies all kinds of central Christian doctrines including, of course, Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice (which she mocks like this: “God gathers up all our sin, all our broken-ass junk, into God’s own self and transforms all that death into life.

A well designed resume is well-designed because it doesn’t do all of those things and, instead, artfully manipulates white space and maybe font size to produce a readable and usable document.

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Design in resume writing, for me, involves using a minimum of bullets, geegaws (lines, etc.), and crazy fonts to suggest purpose and highlight the content. Instead, the saint stepped forward boldly to the edge of the loch and, making the sign of the cross while invoking the Name of the Lord, spoke in a commanding voice.

confessed his sin to St.

Sin boldly writing a resume
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