Sept oct 9th class notes

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SCH4U: Grade 12 University Chem

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1st Battalion, 9th Marines

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Friday-Projects due end of class/Keyboarding. Sept Sept Monday- Completed Chapter 13 and Review for Exam on Tuesday(open notes) Friday- Project and assigned Test on Vocabulary Tuesday Oct 9th Oct 8th- Oct 12th. The Bible of Boxing!

Lecture Notes – Oct 9th

Your destination for Boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing news, events and ratings. Winner Of 11 Awards For Editorial Excellence. Unit 2 Test is on Tuesday Oct. 9th. We will have a short quiz covering Integers & BEDMAS on Monday Sept. 10th. WELCOME to Grade 9 Academic Math!

The course outline is available here. You will find daily handouts and assiged work by clicking "Schedule & Notes" above. Last Modified: Oct 11, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Chapter 12 Notes. Due Dates. Quiz 1 Sept. 17th Analytical Paper 1 Sept.

20th Quiz 2 Oct. 9th Analytical Paper 2 Oct. 11th Midterm Oct.

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18th Quiz 3 Nov. 15th Analytical Paper 3 Nov. 8th Quiz 4 Dec.

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6th Final Dec. 10th. Date Class Topic Notes; Mon, Aug 24th, Class Overview: Wed, Aug 26th, No class - review & formulate project ideas: Mon, Aug 31st, Project Topics.

Editor's Note : Sept oct 9th class notes
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