Rice paper scissors

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Rice, Paper, Scissors (CBD)

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Rice Paper Scissors is modeled on the hawker dining bars of South East Asia with a shared-eating concept being the focus of our offering. We aim to serve only the freshest ingredients, sourced organically and ethically where possible - and all our sauces, pates and relishes are made in-house/K TripAdvisor reviews.

Rice Paper Scissors are taking the heat out of your mid week for Good Food Month, by offering a complimentary glass of wine with each platter purchase.

This restaurant has dairy free, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options available. The huge range of dishes were so fresh and beyond delicious. I loved all 5 we ordered. Extraordinary food.

I enjoyed the mocktail. Most staff were kind and attentive but one was clearly impatient while we navigated the menu and various dietary restrictions in our party/5(). Rice Paper Scissors is a delicious and authentic little slice of Vietnam found in the Euro centric Park Road, Milton precinct.

The charming hole in the wall eatery, which is decorated inside with coloured paper lanterns and street scene murals. Rice Paper Scissors is a small South East Asian hawker-style eatery tucked away in Liverpool Street. I call it ‘Longrain-lite’, due in part to the postage stamp sized.

Made without any marshmallows or butter, these Healthy Rice Krispie Treats are a great way to enjoy a childhood favourite!

Rice paper scissors
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