Proactive prevention in animal cruelty

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Animal Services

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Animal Services

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Abandoning animals. No owner or keeper of a dog, cat, or other domestic animal, shall abandon such animal. The Alliance with its members are interested in helping consumers better understand the role animal agriculture plays in providing a safe, abundant food supply to a hungry world.

The Wicklow SPCA achieves these objectives through animal welfare processes, such as sheltering, feeding and treating abandoned animals, and proactive animal management services, such as micro-chipping, spaying and neutering. Animal Abusers Spotlight is a non profit website I created to raise awareness and educate people on how great the need is to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY.

No person shall maliciously, or willfully, and without the consent of the owner, kill or injure a horse, mare, foal, filly, jack, mule, sheep, goat, cow, steer, bull, heifer, ass, ox, swine, dog, cat, or other domestic animal that is the property of another.

This section does not apply to a licensed.

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Welcome to Animal Services, where we strive to be proactive and offer programs to the community that promote the proper care of animals, while .

Proactive prevention in animal cruelty
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