Paper separation mechanism

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What is claimed is:

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A new paper separation and feed mechanism is proposed to realize a highly reliable paper handling system for printers and copiers. The paper-separation system consisted of a pair of parallel. A new paper separation and feed mechanism is proposed to realize a highly reliable paper handling system for printers.

A prototype mechanism consisted of a plate or roller separation electrode coated with an insulated film, a ground electrode, and a paper pile between the electrodes.

May 06,  · A paper separation mechanism that requires no complicated design or manufacturing and prevents feeding of a plurality of sheets of paper simultaneously to assure sheet-by-sheet feeding of paper, and a paper feed apparatus using such a paper separation mechanism.

Mechanism of Separation in Thin Layer Chromatography. Thin layer chromatography is another type of adsorption chromatography.

Thus the basis for separation is the polarity. Polarity of the compounds in the test sample is compared with the polar stationary phase. Paper Chromatography Separation Mechanisms.

The mobile phase rises up by the. A new paper separation and feed mechanism is proposed to realize a highly reliable paper handling system for printers and copiers. The paper-separation system consisted of a pair of parallel electrodes and a paper pile between the electrodes.

Jan 10,  · A paper separation mechanism applied to an office machine is disclosed. The paper separation mechanism comprises a roller set driven by a drive motor, a gear set disposed on a side of the roller set, and an adjusting device disposed on a side of the gear set for providing a resistant torque.

Paper separation mechanism
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