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New Zealand Economic Papers

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The New Zealand economy

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Gov. Malloy Releases Economic Impact Numbers of Modernizing the New Haven Line and will be a major factor in being able to attract and retain businesses and grow jobs.

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Public responses to policies designed to internalise environmental and social externalities from road transport in New Zealand. The Economic & Labour Relations Review is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal that aims to bring together research in economics and labour relations in a multi-disciplinary approach to policy questions.

The journal encourages articles that critically assess dominant orthodoxies, as well as alternative models, thereby facilitating informed debate.

Research Policy's impact factor has increased appreciably over recent years, rising from in to in and in (There was a slight drop to in following an expansion in the number of RP articles published in ).

Analysed in this paper are the factors contributing to the growth in the level of youth employment rates in the late s and the s in Australia. Clinical & experimental pharmacology. Abbreviation: Clin Exp Pharmacol. ISSN: (Electronic) (Linking) Impact Factor.

No impact factor infomation for this journal. Other titles: Clinical and experimental pharmacology New Zealand Economic Papers .

New zealand economic papers impact factor
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