Micro factors affecting share price

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Factors affecting the market value of XRP, irrespective of speculation

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Macroeconomic Factor

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Macro and Micro Factors Affecting the Steel Industry. MACRO AND MICRO FACTORS AFFECTING THE STEEL INDUSTRY (TATA STEEL) The world GDP, as reported by International Monetary Fund, was on an upturn, growing by 5% in as compared to a negative growth of % in While the growth in the advanced economies was % in ,in contrast to % inthe emerging and.

the factors that influence share prices for the selected firms in various sectors at NSE by developing a model (s) for share price determination. Data was collected on the seven variables under study for a period of five years ( – ).

They depend upon various micro and macro factors,i.e.

Profit (economics)

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Factors Affecting Share Prices

Internal Factors – When setting price, marketers must take into consideration several factors, which are the result of company decisions and actions. To a large extent, these factors are controllable by the marketer and, if necessary, can be altered. The factors affecting the price of an equity share can be viewed from the macro and micro economic perspectives.

Macro economic factors include politics, general economic conditions – i. e. how the economy is performing, government regulations, etc.

Micro factors affecting share price
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