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Daily Devotional

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Ephesians YOU’RE MINDING YOUR own business, walking around the mall, when all of a sudden a greasy-haired man in a long coat comes up to you. Here is the pattern for preaching to a non-religious people.

If you want to know how to reach your neighbors who are not interested in the gospel, and who know nothing of Scripture, who have not been to church and are not interested in it, here is the way.

Daily Texts is a devotional book with an Old Testament verse, a New Testament verse, and a prayer for each day of the year. Inside you will find instructions for our T.R.I.P.® prayer method which helps to guide you through your daily reflection.

I was becoming aware that my brain had been hardening from my daily devotions. My spiritual intake appears to not have been enough. I was rationalizing and reasoning about how much reading of the Bible I needed, since I can quote New Testament stories in my head.

Would you like devotions emailed to you? Subscribe to receive a new devotion every day via email. Purgatory is probably one of the most misunderstood Catholic doctrines today, and many do not believe that it really exists.


In this article I’m briefly going to cover what purgatory is, the biblical foundation for purgatory, and the history of the teaching on purgatory in the Catholic Church.

Daily devotional reglion
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