Connectives ks1 writing activities

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The Instruction Writing Pack

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'But' and 'So' Conjunctions Activity Sheet

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Connectives In Writing

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Conjunctions and connectives - Early years and KS1 English resources. Teaching resources, templates, activities, games and teaching ideas for reception, year 1 and year two classes.

Connectives Posters. Use the resources as teaching tools. Discuss each connective and think about when and how it might be used. Choose a connective from the resources and ask children to write a sentence that includes it.

Have a 'Connective of the Day' and challenge children to include the chosen connectives in their speech / writing during the day. 1 Writing complex sentences; 2 The most important joining words; Worksheets. 1 Using connectives; 2 More connectives; 3 Choose the connectives; Notes on this topic.

Connectives includes: Compound. (p Grammar for Writing) T: Remember we need to think about a range of sentences – Time out (pairs) some using the connectives we’ve investigated. Whiteboards to come up (Cool connectives) with suggestions T: So, we’re writing a speech to put forward our point of view – forcefully!

How should we start if we are circus owner or if we. Connectives - London Underground. This is a fantastic way to teach your children about connectives in a meaningful way. Different stops represent different story connectives. Inspectors are always looking for displays that the children can use on a daily basis, which is why this display is one of our favourites.

Connectives ks1 writing activities
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'But' and 'So' Conjunctions Worksheet / Activity Sheet