Computer ethics

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Organizational Ethics

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Computer Ethics Institute

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Ethical dilemmas occur when values are in conflict. The American Library Association Code of Ethics states the values to which we are committed, and embodies the ethical responsibilities of the profession in this changing information environment.

Why computer games can be ethical, how players use their ethical values in gameplay, and the implications for game design. Despite the emergence of computer games as a dominant cultural industry (and the accompanying emergence of computer games as the subject of scholarly research), we know little or nothing about the ethics of computer games.

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Computer ethics deals with the procedures, values and practices that govern the process of consuming computing technology and its related disciplines without damaging or violating the moral values and beliefs of any individual, organization or entity. by the Computer Ethics Institute.

Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people.

The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics

Thou shalt not interfere with other people's computer work. Thou shalt not snoop around in other people's computer files. Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics Created by the Computer Ethics Institute (Please Cite the Computer Ethics Institute if you quote us) 1.

Thou Shalt Not Use A Computer To Harm Other People.

Computer ethics
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