Cell phones classrooms

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Using Smartphones in the Classroom

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Ken Halla knows a thing or two about using technology in the classroom. For the past 5 years, the year teaching veteran has worked to transition his ninth-grade World History and AP Government classrooms into a mobile device-friendly environment where students can incorporate the latest technology into the learning process.

Cell Phones in the Classroom Pros. Recent studies show that high percentages of students are bringing their cell phones into classrooms. The benefits of this situation are listed below: 1. Academic Help Cell phones nowadays are more like small computers.

They have complete access to the internet, calculators, and many other things.

How to Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools

The Drawbacks Of Allowing Cell Phones In Classrooms While cell phones can be used as learning tools, it is a challenge to make sure students are using them for school-related tasks.

A cell phone can easily turn from “classroom learning tool” into “classroom disruption”. Cell phones in the classroom can be a significant discipline problem and classroom management struggle if clear and explicit guidelines are not established the first day.

Every teacher's tolerance for phone usage varies. It’s a complex issue, especially since the debate over cellphones is part of a broader conversation about a cultural shift underway in classrooms — a move away from the traditional model of. The rollback of cell phones bans, says Liz Kolb of the University of Michigan, has been driven to a large degree by parents—but not because they are clamoring for the devices to .

Cell phones classrooms
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NEA - Using Smartphones in the Classroom