As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

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ICT Unit 3

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A-level ict

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The unit is designed to be taught alongside or after Unit 3 and topics covered in Unit 3 may provide the stimulus for work for this Unit 4, but the centre or student can explore new areas of ICT if they wish.

Unit 3 Communication Skills and ICT in HSC Assignment

An expert system is an ICT system that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions based on data supplied in the form of answers to questions. This means that the system is able to respond in the way that a human expert in the field would come to a conclusion.

Task B – Unit 3 Write a report on the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society [7 marks] – Approx. words. AS Unit 3 AS Unit G AS Unit G AS Unit 2 (ICT and Organisations) £ AS Unit 3 (Data Handling) £ OCR AS Level Applied ICT (Syllabus H) AS Unit G (Using ICT to Communicate) £ AS Unit G (ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society) £ TOTAL £ POSTAGE FREE FINAL TOTAL £.

/ ICT / KS5 / A Level ICT AS & A2; Unit G ICT solutions for individuals and society. Public-service websites; Search engines; Databases; Use of spreadsheet facilities; Development of spreadsheets to present results of data analysis; Presentation of the results of an investigation. Unit Code G Unit Title ICT solutions for individuals and society Centre Number Centre Name Candidate Number Candidate Name Evidence: The candidate presents the results of an investigation, including the use of a spreadsheet to analyse numeric data, along with a report on the sources and methods used to find information and a report that.

As unit 3 g042 ict solutions
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